SAN Automotive Clinches the Top 10 Auto Components Manufacturers from Haryana - 2024 Award

SAN Automotive Clinches the Top 10 Auto Components Manufacturers from Haryana - 2024 Award

India's high-precision and quality auto components are acknowledged globally. FY22 turnover for India's auto component sector was Rs. 4.20 lakh crore (US$ 56.5 billion). US$ 39.05 billion in FY16 to US$ 56.50 billion in FY22 was a 6.35% CAGR increase in industry turnover. Domestic OEM demand has boosted car component sales by 81.1%. This is what establishes a strong connection between India's OEMs and automotive component manufacturers.

Indian auto component exports reached US$ 19 billion in FY22. The exports rose from $10.83 billion in FY16 to $19 billion in FY22. North America exports 32% of car parts, Europe 31%, and Asia 25%. Two-wheeler auto parts consumption from India is also rising in Africa. This is owing to increased African incomes and well-established Indian OEMs using African-specific vehicle components.

Needless to say, the Indian manufacturing economy relies heavily on the automobile sector. And, the auto component manufacturing (ACM) sector supports this dynamic industry. Indian manufacturers in the ACM category have risen in recent years, making India a major role player in the global automotive supply chain.

Given below are a few power indicators:

● The automobile and auto-component industry is pivotal for the country’s economic progress
● It renders over 7% of the country's GDP and 49% of industrial output
● It is anticipated to grow 10.4% from 2020 to 2025
● It employs about 37 million people directly and indirectly
● In sync with the same, the industry might reach $300 billion by the end of 2026
● Vehicle and auto component exports contribute for 8% of India's overall exports
● The Indian automobile and auto-component industry will be the third largest in the world by 2030 and play a major role in economic growth.

SAN Automotive – an Indian Automotive component manufacturer rising to the occasion

SAN Automotive is a leading Indian automotive component maker. Industry Outlook awarded the company TOP 10 AUTO COMPONENTS MANUFACTURERS FROM HARYANA - 2024.

It has received this distinguished honor for its consistent commitment to auto components production quality and service. SAN Automotive has an unmatched reputation for -

● Sheet Metal Pressing and Forming
● Light, Medium, and Heavy Fabrication
● Component Assemblies
● Tooling
● Surface Coating Solutions.

Focusing on supreme quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, the company has established a strong presence in the NCR, ideally placed for efficient association with key industry players.

“We have three world-class manufacturing facilities with approximately 800 devoted people. We specialize in sheet metal pressing, fabrication, component assemblies, tooling, powder coating, and plating (cr3) offering a comprehensive solution for the automotive industry. We have always leveraged our world-class infrastructural prowess, deep-domain technical capabilities, and unwavering quality assurance to meet the high precision product needs of the Automobile, Construction, Agri, and Telecom industries.’’ - Dinesh Gumber, Chairman & Managing Director, SAN Automotive. 

Delivering excellence, overcoming obstacles

The automotive industry in India has some tough hurdles to face, mainly from the dominance of MSMEs. Customers procuring from the MSME sector face substantial challenges in quality assurance and supply chain interruptions. The sector faces challenges such as:

● Infrastructural inefficiencies
● Regulatory compliance, and
● Global competition from low-cost manufacturing hubs mainly including China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

SAN Automotive has shown extraordinary resilience despite these challenges. The company's agility and reactivity enable it to adjust to shifting market circumstances. SAN's dedication to quality assurance and product customization has made it a trustworthy partner in addressing market dynamics.

Comprehensive automobile component manufacturing services under one roof

As a leading automotive component manufacturer in India, SAN Automotive offers comprehensive automobile component manufacturing services. The company's competence in design, development, tooling, production, and testing assures unmatched cost benefits and superior quality. Precision and quality are evident in the engine, BIW, and wiper parts. The company’s focus on performance-related components gives it a competitive advantage, meeting the ever-evolving needs of the automobile industry.

Transforming customer engagement into a collaborative process

Additionally, SAN Automotive’s superior offerings transform customer engagement into a collaborative process. The company has a long-term partnership strategy, with continuing discussions from initial needs to product delivery and support. The process meets and exceeds customer demands via feasibility studies, cost assessments, development, prototyping, and mass manufacturing. “Our dedicated teams, from engineers to production experts, work seamlessly to address challenges and provide innovative solutions. Our proximity to major clients in the NCR region, including Maruti, Honda, and Hero, further strengthens our client engagement capabilities, enabling swift deliveries and fostering enduring relationships”, adds Dinesh Gumber, Chairman & Managing Director, SAN Automotive. 

Achieving sustainability through green practices and thoughtful manufacturing

Therefore, SAN expects a future with sustainable practices and continual development. Some of the highlights are:

● The company aims to expand globally to serve customers in the US, Europe, and the UK.
● It is coming up with a lithium-ion battery recycling facility in light of the EV adoption
● The primary purpose is to promote environmental sustainability in the automotive industry
● SAN Automotive also plans to expand into garment production to serve sectors such as fashion, healthcare, and industrial segments.

The company’s strategic diversification perfectly aligns with its commitment to keeping ahead of industry developments and satisfying the ever-evolving customer expectations.

Concluding Remarks

As a top automotive component manufacturer in India, SAN Automotive complies with various quality standards including ISO 14001:2004 /IATF 16949:2002. The company has developed a stringent quality control system for its entire product range. Quality is not a formality but a way of life at SAN Automotive. Right since its inception, the company has focused on technological innovation, quality orientation, and a well-defined and principled approach to delivering nothing but excellence.