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SAN Automotive is one of India’s leading manufacturers of a wide range of sheet metal works that include Sheet Metal Pressing and Forming, Light, Medium, and Heavy Fabrication, Component Assemblies, Tooling, Surface Coating Solutions.


Delivering excellence through enterprise for more than 2 decades, SAN Automotive is a well-diversified, multi-location, and multi-product Indian conglomerate located in the industrial hub of Faridabad (NCR). The company’s unremitting efforts and passion for unlocking the benefits of new-age technology have made it a dominant contender in India’s big league of sheet metal components manufacturers.

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Distinguished Leadership, Deep-domain Capabilities

Managed by a distinguished leader of the first generation, and an entrepreneur of the year awardee, Mr. Dinesh Gumber (MD), SAN Automotive has always leveraged its world-class infrastructural prowess, deep-domain technical capabilities, and unwavering quality assurance to meet the high precision product needs of the Automobile, Construction, Agri, and Telecom industries.

The company has carved a niche for itself in the field of Sheet Metal Pressing and Forming, Light, Medium, and Heavy Fabrication, Component Assemblies, Tooling, surface coating solutions, and Panels, Cabinets & Towers for the telecom infra industry. Widening its reach further, SAN Automotive is also all set to foray into the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment.   

Infrastructural Strength to Produce 40,000,000+ Parts Per Annum  

SAN Automotive has 3 world-class strategically located manufacturing facilities - across locations in Faridabad (NCR-National Capital Region). Collectively, the company owns a sprawling 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing area, 800 plus manpower, and a capacity to produce 40,000,000 parts per annum.

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Fine-tuned Design Cues, Global Outlook

The company’s highly driven workforce, a global outlook, a rich product portfolio, and futuristic design & development parameters are the key factors that set it apart within the industry. The fine-tuned design cues of SAN Automotive have ensured the winning of prototype development projects from the leading manufacturers in the Automotive Ancillary and FMCG sectors worldwide. This has further strengthened the company’s capabilities to carry out the product design & development processes for applications in diversified high-growth industry verticals.   

Constant Innovation, Unmatched Cost and Quality Advantages

Right since its inception, SAN Automotive has focused on technological innovation, quality orientation, and a well-defined and principled approach towards customer satisfaction. Apart from these, the company’s decades of proven expertise in designing, development, tooling, manufacturing, and testing capabilities has helped it achieve both cost and quality advantages.

Sound Business Ethics, Productive Relationships

Complying with various quality standards including ISO 14001:2004 /IATF 16949:2002, SAN Automotive has developed a stringent quality control system for its entire product range. Effective after-sales support, sound business ethics, and transparent policies have enabled the company to maintain strong and productive relationships with its global long-standing customer base.  

USPs at a Glance:

  • A sheet metal enterprise that focuses on future
  • Lean management philosophy through Kaizen & TPM
  • Quantification of quality of the finished products 
  • Ability to create the most intricate component profiles
  • An approach that rises beyond customer-centricity to people orientation
  • Inclusive focus on employees, vendors, and investors
  • Investment in the best human resources with maximum talent retention
  • Production through a well-defined process control program
  • Systematic and strategic workflow
  • Fully automated manufacturing modules, and
  • Operations through technology that’s eco-friendly and naturally sustainable. 

A Panoptical View

  • Global Quality Benchmarks

    Manufacturing and supplying superior quality products as per international standards

  • Corporate Governance

    An emblematic corporate model that has set new trends with manifold successes

  • Core Values

    Passion for excellence, absolute transparency, and people-centricity

  • Corporate Citizenship

    Social initiatives to meet various ethical and economic responsibilities associated with society 

  • Global Reach

    Having customers across the globe. 


To be a global leader and a brand of choice for our valued customers, an employer of choice for our employees, and a forward-looking company with sustainable performance and responsible business practices!


SAN Automotive has an action plan to achieve all its goals by approaches stated below
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    Ensuring on-time deliveries with 100% customer satisfaction

  • 02

    A relentless quest for excellence in all business areas

  • 03

    Manufacturing and supplying the best quality products

  • 04

    Striving for a level of product quality that exceeds expectations

  • 05

    Utilizing the best technologies in mechanical, statistical, and management areas

  • 06

    Treating our customers, suppliers, and employees with trust and respect.

  • 07

    Maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, service groups, and community

  • Values

    Supporting the vision and mission of our precious clients is a strong set of company-wide values embedded in our work culture, these are

  • Customer Focus

    We always aim at achieving maximum customer satisfaction by achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards in our entire product range with an outlook to continuous improvement

  • Passion for Excellence

    Be it products, processes, or services, we are passionate about achieving excellence through forever continuous improvement, shared knowledge, and the best-in-class execution.

  • Pioneering

    Always staying bold and agile while courageously taking on even the toughest of challenges, we make use of deep customer insight to come up with trendsetting innovative solutions

  • Transparency and Integrity

    We take full responsibility for our actions amidst complete transparency and integrity. Operating business in an ethical, safe and transparent environment, we respect nature and fulfill all our social commitments.

  • Innovation, Ideation, Creation

    Pushing the boundaries of knowledge and practical execution, we always endeavor to innovate, ideate, and create value-added solutions for emerging needs.