SAN Automotive: One of the Top Automobile Parts Manufacturing Companies in India

SAN Automotive: One of the Top Automobile Parts Manufacturing Companies in India

It is now an open secret that India is growing at a rapid pace in almost all domains right from manufacturing to technology, and currently, it is the fastest-growing economy in the world. This unprecedented growth followed by the ever-rising income gave a great boost to the automobile industry. As usual, it was the two-wheeler segment that dominated the industry with sales standing at 17.51 million units in the financial year 2021-22.

This whopping demand has also led to the emergence of more and more automobile parts manufacturing companies. This has triggered a healthy competition for quality, reliability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. The auto components industry in India accounted for around 2.3% of the country’s GDP provides direct employment to more than 1.5 million people. It is anticipated that by the end of the year 2026, the auto component sector is going to reach the marks of 5-7% in the GDP of the country.

The period of the past 20 years is considered to be the most significant in the history of the automobile industry in India. A large number of multinational OEMs established their plants in India, and the components manufacturers also rose to the occasion to meet their customers’ exacting requirements. SAN Automotive is one such company in India that has earned a formidable reputation both in India and aboard by delivering high-precision-engineered auto components.

SAN Automotive: One of the top automotive stamping companies in India

With 800+ manpower, 21+ years of experience, and 3+ world-class manufacturing plants, SAN Automotive is one of the top automotive stamping companies in India, managed by a distinguished leader of the first generation, and an entrepreneur of the year awardee, Mr. Dinesh Gumber (MD). The company meets the high-precision product needs of the Automobile, Construction, Agri, and Telecom industries. Over the years, SAN Automotive has proven its mettle in the following manufacturing areas:

● Sheet Metal Pressing and Forming
● Light, Medium, and Heavy Fabrication
● Component Assemblies
● Tooling
● Surface coating solutions, and
● Panels, Cabinets & Towers for the telecom infra industry.

Widening its reach further, the company has also entered the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment.

Manufacturing and delivering more than 40,000,000 components per annum 

SAN Automotive considers infrastructural strength its lifeblood. And this is the reason it has always been emphatic about strengthening its infrastructure with each passing year. The company has always believed that a robust infrastructural prowess is quite indispensable to get an edge over the tough competition prevailing in contemporary global markets. Keeping in view the same, it has established world-class manufacturing facilities across locations. The infrastructural prowess of SAN Automotive is the most significant aspect of the company’s overall stature in the national and global markets. It has 3 strategically located manufacturing facilities with a collective capacity to manufacture and deliver 40,000,000 parts per annum. This infrastructure is completed by the following:

● Highly driven workforce
● A global outlook
● A rich product portfolio
● Futuristic design & development parameters.

Innovation - ideating, innovating, and creating products that become industry standards

SAN Automotive believes that there is always some room for improvement. Inspired by the same principle, the company ideates, innovates, and creates products that become standards within the industry. Its product innovation is based on the following working principles:

Product Development

Product development begins with the evaluation of the exact requirements of the customer. Thusly, it designs the specifications of the product needed, making use of advanced calculation software. Be it micro-geometry or macro-geometry of the product, the company has in-house software arrangements to carry out everything. 


After the development phase, the company’s team starts making prototypes of the product required. Its prototyping shop is stocked with all types of raw materials and machines supplanted by advanced technology allowing personnel to create multiple variations of the same product. The company’s proven expertise and decades of experience help it respond to all queries and ensure fast delivery of the prototypes.


We address all concerns of customers very efficiently. Acting upon our valued customers’ queries, concerns, and demands, we make improvements for a satisfactory conclusion. Many thanks to the company’s in-house deviation analysis ability, powered by advanced manufacturing processes.


The company designs all product gears to have an outstanding lifespan. It makes sure each and every final product is top-notch after comprehensive in-house testing. Its testing and validation lab is equipped with both destructive and non-destructive tools and equipment for flawless measurement. Some of the testing functions include durability testing, material fatigue, and strength testing,

The Sustainability Pledge

The automotive industry around the globe is racing into a new realm of mobility supplanted by sustainability. And at this juncture, it is newer technology that is helping automakers to achieve the same. If we look at the historical perspective, then we will find that the automotive industry was not much instrumental in adopting sustainable practices. Conventional assembly-line manufacturing practices make use of a vast amount of energy, manpower, metals, plastics, and toxins, leaving behind a huge chunk of carbon footprint. But when it comes to SAN Automotive, the company has always been a socially and environmentally responsible organization working with techno-driven methodologies and a concern for the planet.

The company achieves its sustainability objectives in the following ways:

● Minimizing energy consumption
● Implementing the new-age methodologies while targeting overall sustainability
● Optimum utilization of all inputs and natural resources as per 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & and Recycle.
● Adopting sustainable manufacturing practices
● Minimizing the number of steps involved in the manufacturing process
● Employing ultra-advanced and best alternative methods
● Reducing wastage and staying proactive in waste management.

Concluding Remarks

SAN Automotive is one of India’s leading automobile parts manufacturing companies. The company manufactures and delivers a comprehensive range of sheet metal works that include Sheet Metal Pressing and Forming, Light, Medium, and Heavy Fabrication, Component Assemblies, Tooling, and Surface Coating Solutions. Apart from it, the company also provides components for Construction Equipment vehicles. For more details about the complete product portfolio of the company, one can explore its website.