What It Takes to Create Metal Parts with High Precision

What It Takes to Create Metal Parts with High Precision

Sheet metal parts manufacturing or fabrication is a process through which the metal sheets are given the desired shape making use of different manufacturing methods. The completion of a product; be it metal parts by laser cutting or laser cut bend metal parts, usually undergoes many steps. Sheet metal fabrication has become the need of the hour because almost all industries including manufacturing, railways, plumbing, and aerospace make use of sheet metal parts produced and supplied by the leading metal parts manufacturer for 2-wheeler and other significant applications.

Over the past 2 decades, the sheet metal parts manufacturing industry has witnessed a new dawn of technological advancements and ultra-sophistication in its different segments. Today, manufacturers in India are more capable than ever before to design and develop different sheet metal parts with more precision and accuracy.

The process of metal parts manufacturing involves forming flat metal sheets made of different metals such as aluminum or steel into different metal structures by the following steps:

  • Designing
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Assembling, and
  • Finishing.

One of the most remarkable upsides of sheet metalworking is that it can be given any desired shape with ease making sheet metal parts the most preferred ones for a large number of applications.

These days, manufacturers can also create holes and cutouts in the sheets making use of the material removal process to come up with a huge variety of parts to serve industries that include:

  • Construction
  • Consumer products
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft, and HVAC.

The sheet metal parts manufacturing process might differ hugely from case to case as per the exacting design specifications, but the standard process remains the same. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in the sheet metal parts manufacturing process in the following points:

Design and development – it's where the beginning takes place

The metal parts manufacturing process begins by making the design of the required product. Design plays a very crucial role in high-precision metal parts manufacturing right from cutting to forming. Design helps the maker in understanding the overall scope of fabrication. High-quality metal parts fabrication calls for the following:

  • State-of-the-art designing facility
  • Latest designing tools and equipment
  • A dedicated team of design personnel
  • Facility to optimize designs using 3D modeling procedures, and
  • The set of software solutions such as CATIA V5, Solid Works, AutoCAD, and Uni-Graphics.

The engineers involved make the final blueprints in sync with the specifications of the metal product that is used to manufacture the final product. Some the companies like SAN Automotive create designs that not only reduce the labor cost but also the amount of material needed. The principal purpose of the team working in the design and development area is to create designs that are not only unmatched in functionalities but also cost-effective. 

Cutting – it’s where the metal sheets are given the desired shape

In this step, huge but thin sheets of metal are sliced into the ideal length to make little rectangular sheets utilizing ultra-sophisticated cutting devices. The size of the rectangular sheet is as per the design of the end result. The cycle is typically accomplished utilizing shearing machines, however inferable from the advancement of innovation, companies like SAN Automotive are presently moving towards laser and plasma cutting strategies to carry out the procedure.

Punching – it’s where ideal openings are created with utmost accuracy

Punching is the third and the most significant move toward the manufacturing of sheet metal parts. Various sizes and states of openings are made in the sheet metal with the assistance of punching machines so that the sheet metal can fit in the uses of different ventures. To make openings with ideal accuracy, manufacturers can likewise utilize laser cutting innovation.

Bending – changing the metal sheet according to the given details of the product

The sheet metal is twisted at various points and places making use of a machine called a press brake. Twisting or bending is finished to change the metal sheet according to the given details of the product. However, this interaction includes the greatest test, and that is overseeing spring back - when metal attempts to get back to its unique level shape. To forestall the metal to recapture its unique shape, over-bending is carried out while getting the curve at the very perfect point, and all this needs great experience and proven abilities. In case the abundance twisting of the metal is done, it might prompt breaking.

Assembly – it’s where the final phase begins

Once the sheet metal parts are created making use of the aforementioned procedures, it’s time to carry out the assembling procedure. Welding is the phenomenon that is embraced most of the time by manufacturers to assemble metal parts in a highly precise manner. Adhesive bonding and riveting are some of the other procedures to carry out the assembling process.

Finishing – it’s where the physical properties and appearance are taken care of

When the assembling of the metal parts is duly finished, finishing is carried out to take care of the physical properties as well as the appearance of the products concerned. This process may include the following steps/methodologies as per the requirements:

  • Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Coating, and
  • Galvanizing.

All these methodologies of finishing are adopted and performed to protect the surface of metal parts from a large number of manmade and natural/environmental factors such as rust or corrosion.

Concluding Remarks

Delivering excellence through exemplary enterprise for more than 20 years, SAN Automotive is a leading metal parts manufacturer for 2-wheeler in India. The company has got unrivaled expertise in creating metal parts by laser cutting as well as laser cut bend metal parts. Being a well-diversified, multi-location, and multi-product Indian conglomerate, the stature of the company is expanding with each passing year within the industry both in India and abroad. Right from the very beginning, SAN Automotive has passionately unlocked the benefits of new-age technology for its customers belonging to diverse industry verticals both in India and abroad.