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Our CSR policy forms an integral part of our company culture and ethos. Striving for a perfect balance among economic, environmental, and social imperatives, we are making constant efforts to reduce carbon footprints while ensuring sustainable and secure growth.

Through our CSR initiatives, we support various projects of social importance while giving top priority to the issues as described in the national development agenda. Every year, we reach a wide spectrum of economically and socially backward communities for their overall empowerment.

proactively engaged in include
Some of the prominent CSR areas we are proactively engaged in include
  • 01 Sanitation and hygiene facilities
  • 02 Promotion of healthcare facilities
  • 03 Skill development
  • 04 Women empowerment
  • 05 Environmental sustainability
  • 06 Rural infrastructural development
  • 07 Safe motherhood and neonatal resuscitation
  • 08 Gender equality and socio-economic empowerment