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SAN Automotive is one of India’s leading manufacturers of a wide range of sheet metal works that include Sheet Metal Pressing and Forming, Light, Medium, and Heavy Fabrication, Component Assemblies, Tooling, Powder Coating, and Plating (CR3) solutions. The company was founded in the year 2000 in the automotive industrial hub of Faridabad. With a presence of more than two decades in the industry, the success saga that SAN Automotive has scripted is clearly defined, formulated, and unequivocally reflected in the upward curve of its turnover year after year.

Front Grill



Staying technologically ahead, using new-age technology

Technologically advanced infrastructure, 22 years of proven experience, and the ability to carry out high-precision manufacturing processes in the field of sheet metalworking have established SAN Automotive among the largest two-wheeler, 4-wheeler, and agri industry spare parts manufacturing companies in India. Offering a comprehensive range of products for 2 and 4-wheelers and also front grills for tractor and construction machinery, the company has delivered excellence in the industry through its dedication to staying technologically ahead, using new-age technology and conducting constant research and development activities.

Meeting the escalating market demands for high-quality automotive components

The company has 3 state-of-the-art strategically located manufacturing facilities - across locations in Faridabad (NCR-National Capital Region). Collectively, it owns a sprawling 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing area, 800 plus manpower, and a capacity to produce 40,000,000 parts per annum. Currently, SAN Automotive is serving the escalating market demands for high-quality automotive components of the major automobile manufacturers both in India and abroad.

Some of the top Products by SAN Automotive

SAN Automotive manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of 2-wheeler, 4-wheelers, and agri industry products. Some of them collectively include:

  • Step Running Board and Console Cover
  • Tow Hook and Step aux
  • Pedal Brake and Shutter
  • Battery pillar and Baffle
  • Handle bracket and Fork Top Bridge
  • Rotor Fly Wheel Cup, and Metal Fuel Filler
  • Magnet Cover and Starter Yoke
  • Box Battery and Brackets, and
  • Plate Setting and Arm Brake

Delivering cost and quality advantages

Right since its inception, the company has focused on technological innovation, quality orientation, and a well-defined and principled approach towards customer satisfaction. Apart from these, its decades of proven expertise in designing, development, tooling, manufacturing, and testing capabilities have helped it achieve both cost and quality advantages. On-time delivery, shortest turnaround time, cost-effectiveness, and ‘customer-first’ approach and exceeding their expectations put the company on the cutting edge.

Quality in ‘all-it-does’ with a relentless willingness for continuous improvement

Right since its inception, SAN Automotive has been a customer-centric organization. The company believes in ensuring superior quality in ‘all it does' with a relentless willingness for continuous improvement. Complying with various quality standards including ISO 14001:2004 and IATF 16949:2002, SAN Automotive has developed a stringent quality control system for its entire product range. Effective after-sales support, sound business ethics, and transparent policies have enabled the company to maintain a strong, productive relationship with its clients.